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The French Hillbillies at Roundhouse Brewery

August 4, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come enjoy craft superior beers in a uniquely historic setting while kicking back with The French Hillbillies. A musical duo; Alexandrine Harris and Sandra Lehman. They sing and play pop, rock, folk and country.

“What is a French Hillbilly? Is there such a thing? When we think of the French, we think of refinement, fashion, cuisine, art, architecture and passion. There’s a certain air and swagger that the French have. And a Hillbilly? Webster defines a hillbilly as an “unsophisticated country person”, someone from the backcountry or the mountains. There’s a certain air about a hillbilly too, typically a bit raw, outspoken, and well educated in the ways of the mother nature and country life.

When Sandy Lehman, with origins of the country (in Aitkin, MN) formed a duo with Alexandrine Harris, with origins from Bordeaux, France, it was a combination of cultures, experiences, music and fun. They view the world as having a yin and yang…to experience one thing, you have to experience another. You see, we need each other in this world, to complement and bring the best in each other. In reality, we each have a bit of the French and a bit of the Hillbilly in us, and celebrate both parts by playing music ranging from pop, rock, folk, country and an occasional French melody.

Both Alex and Sandy picked up guitars at the same time, together, a few years back. They also like to add in the twang of a harmonica or deep throttle of the drums now and then. They play for the “Joie De Vivre”, which means “The Joy of Life” in French and have come to realize that we are all a lot more alike than different. Most everyone just wants to love and be loved, and that’s what is at the center of their music.”

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August 4, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Roundhouse Brewery
1551 Northern Pacific Rd
+ Google Map
(218) 454-2739